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Georgian Locations is your one-stop-shop for all location scouting and management services in the country of Georgia.

Led by experienced location professionals, our focus is to support development of the location management industry by establishing partnerships regionally and internationally.

We love what we do and strive to create inspiring and well-managed environment for productions of any type.

Georgia Locations

The country of Georgia is located on the border of Europe and Asia. It has diverse architecture of Asian, European and Soviet styles. Caucasus Mountains, Black Sea, Deserted Areas and diversity of wild nature with the cultures of Asia and Europe across the country.

Georgian people have very positive attitude towards film productions: location managers can easily access the private and public facilities. The country preserves the real past, as you can find the real Soviet, real Asia, real Europe in old buildings.

Georgia is not unionized, it has a very film-friendly infrastructure. The government is very supportive of film productions.

The country is very tiny and within several hours you can go from skiing to the sea and enjoy the sunny beach and the snow on the same day.

Georgia is a sunny country. It was called “Sunny Georgia” during the Soviet times. The weather is very warm, it has four seasons.

Location scouting is very enjoyable as Georgian hospitality will always make you feel home wherever you go.

Most of the public locations are free, private facilities you can negotiate with the reasonable prices. The neighborhoods are very friendly, as you will find Georgian characteristics of hospitality and warm welcome everywhere.

Bring your family while filming, they will enjoy being in a filmilicious country with you.

Why In Georgia?

10 reason to film in Georgia:

  • Inspirational locations: shoot subtropical, coastal, alpine mountains, desert and beautiful forest scenes in one day.

  • Unique and captivating fusion of medieval and modern architecture with Asian, European, and Soviet styles.

  • Six climate zones and long sunny days.

  • Fully accessible public locations free of charge.

  • Competitive financial incentives: up to 25% cash back.

  • Easy to apply cash rebate scheme: one-stop-shop principle and no red tape.

  • Business-friendly environment: flexible labor market, cheap energy, and low-taxes (#8 in Low Tax Rate Economies -World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report).

  • Modern infrastructure: three international airports, cargo and passenger ports, and well-connected roads and rail across Georgia.

  • High speed fiber-optic internet connectivity across the country.

  • Film-friendly society.